Request a Certificate of Insurance / Evidence of Insurance

To better serve our clients and to offer a more efficient experience, you can now obtain condominium certificates of insurance directly by Email or Fax!

Fax: 310-745-0198

Escrows and/or Mortgage Lenders

Use the form below to pay for your Certificate Fee of $75. Once payment is received you will receive your Certificate within 24-48 hours via the method requested.

Client/Borrower’s Name
Purchaser’s Email

Same Day Service
There is an additional $15 Fee, please Use the form and button below to pay for your Certificate Fee of $90.

Client/Borrower’s Name
Purchaser’s Email

Condominium Unit Owners

Homeowner and Condo Unit Owners Certificate of Insurance Requests for their Lenders annual Insurance Certificate updating requests are free of charge. Please email or fax the Letter received from your Lender/Mortgage Company (to the above) and we will send the updated Certificate directly to your lender for you. If you would like an emailed copy, please include your email address with your request.

We will contact you directly if we have any questions on the information provided.

We look forward to being of service to you!